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Light Switch Press has taken a huge step in the evolution of book publishing with its completely free publishing services.

The Evolution of Publishing:

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Light Switch Press has taken a huge step in the evolution of book publishing with its completely free publishing services. This true blend of traditional book publishing and self-publishing offers authors a no-risk avenue to having their book professionally published. Light Switch Press offers authors totally free publishing—no out-of-pocket costs to publish, completely free distribution, cover design and book formatting with higher royalties than traditional publishing. Authors also maintain full ownership of their work.

Similar to traditional publishing, author’s pay nothing to have a book professionally created with Light Switch Press. Receive premium distribution with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Unlike traditional publishing, it’s no longer necessary to endure months or years of rejection, clinging to the hope of finding a book deal. Instead, Have a book created in weeks, maintain ownership of the work, and receive a higher royalty rate than offered by traditional publishing.

Other sites offer free publishing, but not at the level of Light Switch. LuLu and CreateSpace are two main companies that offer “free publishing,” but only if the author is supplying print-ready artwork. If the author decides a professional is needed to create their book cover, format their manuscript, or even distribute their book, LuLu and CreateSpace turn from a free publisher to an expensive self-publisher, charging for each service the author requires.  In fact, the same free services that you receive with Light Switch Press would cost $948 with CreateSpace and $999 with LuLu.

Low on money and want to know how to get published for free? Light Switch Press is the answer. They start by designing the cover and formatting the manuscript for e-book distribution; once the book starts selling, they create and distribute the paperback version of the book; it’s that simple. Light Switch Press offers some of the lowest print-on-demand prices in the industry.

While higher royalty rates from other self-publishing companies exist, it’s not that simple. For instance, Xulon Press claims their authors receive 100% royalty from wholesale retailers; however, when you factor in their cost to create a 150-page book retailing at $15.99, the author is only receiving $0.40 per book. With Light Switch Press, and the same scenario, an author receives 30% royalty, or $1.42 per book—earning more than one dollar additional for each book sold at a fraction of the boasted royalty rate.

Author profit boils down to the net profit from books sold. Royalty rates can be misleading, and companies often compensate for higher royalty rates with a much higher production cost. The comparison chart below is based on an author selling their 150 page book for $15.99.


Publishing Company

Cost to Publish

Profit per Book

Net Profit after 100 Books

Net Profit after 250 Books

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The no-risk, no-cost publishing service of Light Switch Press can breathe new life into any book—the perfect path for re-publishing that second edition. For books previously unavailable in e-book format, those that deserve better cover designs, or those rewritten or updated with an exciting new ending, the next logical step is to turn to Light Switch Press, the free publisher.

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