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With Light Switch Press, your book can be ready in as little as seven days! Plus you get award winning design, fast, and make more money from your book.

Comparing Light Switch Press, Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing

So, you wrote a book and you’re trying to figure out how to get published and it came down to two avenues: self-publishing or trying to get published by a traditional publisher. Compare some publishing basics below and decide which route is best for you.

  Light Switch Press Traditional Publishing Self-Publishing
Out of Pocket $9.99 $0 $1,200 +
Wait for Book 7 days* Months-Years 1-2 Months
Author Owns Rights Yes No Yes
Royalty Rates 50% 10-15% 20-75%
Wholesale Distribution Yes Yes No
Author Controls Content Yes No Yes

Author Book Discount

Yes No Yes

* With Expedited Publishing, your book will be available with 7 business days. With our normal publishing service your book will be available within 15 business days.

Free publishing v.s. self-publishing.

If you’re still here you’ve narrowed down the “how to get published” question to a self-publishing company or a free publishing company? The sad truth is most self-publishing companies don’t care how your book turns out; they’ve been paid to publish your book and in turn they pay inexperienced designers a low wage to design your book cover and format your manuscript. This is a problem and why self-publishing companies have a bad reputation! There is no motivation for the creative team that creates your book to make something that can compete in today’s market.

With Light Switch Press, free publishing incentive--sell 100 books within your first month and we'll reimburse your publishing fee--you’ll get the same quality cover design and formatting as a traditional publisher, but with higher royalty rates. With our publishing services you’ll receive a much better quality book compared to self-publishing without the out-of-pocket expense, and you’ll reach a larger market with our expanded distribution. Your free book cover design and formatting are better than self-publishing companies because our designers are experienced, know the publishing industry, and get paid based on how well your book does. .

Free publishing v.s. self-publishing income example.

You might be surprised at how much money you can make going with Light Switch Press, the free publisher. On top of our distribution reach, you may purchase books at author cost and sell your book yourself (family and friends, personal website, book signings, speaking engagements, etc.) and keep 100% of the profit. The information below is based on you selling your 150 page book for $15.99, with an LSP production cost of $4.65, you would earn $11.34 per book.

Publishing Company Cost to Publish Profit per Book Net Profit after 100 Books Net Profit after 250 Books
Light Switch Press $9.99 $11.34 $1,124 $2,825
AuthorHouse $1,098 $8.17 -$281 $945
Infinity $1,047 $8.82 -$165 $1,158
iUniverses $1,299 $8.32 -$467 $781
LuLu $999 $8.58 -$141 $1,146
Xlibris $699 $3.00 -$399 $51
Xulon $1,699 $8.30 -$869 $376

A Book's Mind

$1,500 $12.74 -$266 $1,685

As you can see, the money you make from selling your book is amongst the highest in the industry. While you would be paying off your investment for at least the first 100 books sold with a self-publishing company, with Light Switch Press, the free publisher, you’re making money from day one!

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