The Free Publisher

The answer to how to get published for free.
At Light Switch Press, free publishing really means free publishing.

We offer three options to our authors:
Free Publishing, FAST Expedited Publishing and our Expanded Distribution Upgrade.

Free Publishing

Do you want to know how to get published for free, including free cover design and formatting? Sign up with Light Switch Press today! Free cover design, formatting, ISBN, and distribution for paperback and e-book. We start with your free e-book, online and ready to earn royalties within 90 days. Once your e-book sales hit 100, you automatically receive our Expanded Distribution upgrade (below). From there, your book will be available in print and available to thousands of retailers.

Expedited Publishing

For serious authors who can’t wait to have their e-book published. Expedited Publishing pushes your book to the front of the line, get published fast! Your e-book will be designed, published, live on sites and on your way to earning royalties in 7 business days. After submitting your book for publishing, simply email us or purchase our Expedited Publishing service here.

Expanded Distribution Upgrade

Our Expanded Distribution Upgrade is perfect for authors that need to have printed books available now! Our distribution channels include Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and more. Plus, order copies of your book and sell them yourself, keeping 100% of the profit.

  • Upgrade now and receive Expanded Distribution right away!
  • Available in print (Print-On-Demand)
  • Listed as In Stock and Available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Ingram, Baker & Taylor and more!
  • Plus everything in our Free Publishing Package but within 7 business days!
  • We start with your free e-book:
  • Free Cover Design
  • Free Book Formatting
  • Free Distribution: Kindle & Nook
  • Available Within 90 Days

  • After 100 e-books sold:
  • Available in print (Print-On-Demand)
  • Free ISBN
  • Free Barcode
  • Free Expanded Distribution:
    Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobel
  • Receive the same great services as our Free Publishing Package, but much faster!

  • Get Published Fast!
  • Available Within 7 Business Days
  • Upgrade to Expedited Publishing at any time

How to get published? The choice is yours. Select Free Publishing to start the publishing process or get your book published fast with Expedited Publishing! If you're the kind of author that can't wait to have their paperback book in hand, bypass the 100 e-book sells and upgrade to Expanded Distribution.

What’s important to you? Maintaining all of the rights to your book and having a book that not only stands up against the competition but surpasses it! That’s what you get with Light Switch Press, the free publisher.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage
to continue that counts. — Winston Churchill